An Intimate Experience

An Intimate, In-Person, 1-Day Intensive Designed
to Have you Discover Your Authentic Identity, Transform Your Love Life, and Attract the
Man Who is the Perfect Match for You!

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In This Exclusive, In-Person Experience, You Will Spend a Full Day & Evening with Gladys & Michelle, Where You Will:

  • Learn the Four Pillars of Attracting and Creating a Relationship that Lasts
  • Reveal your Authentic Identity and design the woman you want to be in life and love.
  • Reveal your Ideal Partner’s Identity so that you are attracting the man who is the Perfect Match for you.
  • Spend time with Gladys & Michelle’s husbands, learning what men want, how they think, and what they are looking for when they are choosing the woman they want to spend their lives with.
  • Attend an intimate dinner with Gladys & Michelle, where you will be coached on living in your Authentic Identity and creating the relationship of your dreams.